Monthly Calendar Notes

List of updates made to the Khmer monthly calendar.

Updated v2.3

  1. Update Sel to also cover 15 Keit and last day of Roaj. (11-20-2012)

Updated v2.2

  1. Use the Khmer Solar Leap year in the calculation rather than Gregorian leap as pointed out by Mr. Khim Soeun Rath. Only affect year 1800-1899.
  2. Update Chole Preah Vosa from 15 Keit to 1 Roaj.

Updated v2.1

  1. Add Khmer New Year Date (Songkran) based on the algorithm in Mr. Kim Soeun Roath's books.
  2. Add Songkran time as well.

Updated v2.0

  1. Use the algorithm in Mr. Kim Soeun Roath's books. Confirmed output for year 1900 to 2099.
  2. Included special case of consecutive Botethei's 24/6 and 25/5.
  3. Included special case of consecutive Arvman's 137/0.
  4. Fix Tngai Koar to show on 1 day before the end of each month.

Updated v1.3.3

  1. Fixed 2012-2013 year based on the Khmer Calendar book by Mr. Kim Soeun Roath.(01-08-2012)

Updated v1.3.2

  1. Change rule for Metonic Number 9 and 10, swapped from 9-None and 10-Day to 9-day and 10-None. This error noticed by Rothana for calendar 2006. The orginal rule was based on an incorrect calendar data. The correction is based on the Sangkran dates published from 2002 to 2010 from
  2. Fixed Khmer New Year date that does not have data to not display. --Bug found by Sovichet.(3-17-2011)

Updated v1.3.1

  1. Fix Khmer unicode calendar year for 2011. Has duplicate year Karl rather than Toss. Apr 18, 2010

Updated v1.3

  1. Add Khmer Unicode version. See here -- Updated on Dec 18, 2009

Updated v1.2.1

  1. Fixed the 2009 calendar where after Jun 22, the Khmer date is drifted back by one day. From the original calculation, 2009 is not a leap-day year but it actually is. So I changed the calculation assumption for first leap-day year from Meton 15(2011 A.D.) to 13 (2009 A.D.) See Table 3 at Calendar Data Collection. Thanks to Chantara Sok for pointing this out.

Updated v1.2

  1. Add Khmer Year (animal) and Sak as English text -- Updated on Jan 5, 2009
  2. Add Buddhish Era (BE) or PuthSakaraj -- Updated on Jan 5, 2009

Updated v1.1

  1. Added 9 Khmer religious holidays (Meakbochea, Pisak bochea, Jole Preah Vosa, Kann Ben, Pjum Ben, Jegn Preah Vosa, Kathin, Sompeas Preah Khae) -- need to verify kathin rule -- Updated on Oct 21, 2008.
  2. Fixed Tngai Koar showing on 14/14 roaj, it should be 13/14 roaj and 14 keit. - Updated on Oct 21, 2008.
  3. Fixed Khmer month name for 2nd and 3rd Khmer months appear incorrectly. - Updated on Oct 18, 2008.
  4. Added Khmer New Year date (from 1970 to 2020) - Updated on Oct 10, 2008.

See Khmer Monthly Calendar.